Tag: NPC


  • Mavette Beregthros

    Mavette is the daughter of Horvan Beregthros, a simple miller from the laborer's quarter of Havenrook. Her mother died at an early age and Mavette began working in the taverns and with the guild at a young age.

  • Duncan Pashar

    Duncan has worked for the Dunners since being a child and slowly has gained position (and respect) in the organization. Now considered part of Hef's inner circle, Duncan works mainly with Dunner initiates, overseeing their training and passing out duties …

  • Jenny Brawnanvil

    Jenny and her husband Vigrim purchased the Ploughshare over 100 years ago as they retired from their mining and mercantile positions deep in the Dwarven cities of northern Faerun. Unfortunately Jenny was widowed 25 years ago after Vigrim was found dead in …

  • Bo'sun Vic Sepret

    Bo'sun Vic Sepret joined the Admiral's men after having sailed in the Merchant Marine for years. After joining the Admiral's Men, he quickly united them into a rather intimidating street militia, constantly haranguing his peers against strong drink and …