Judd Greenbottle


Judd Greenbottle is a male halfling, recognizable for his missing fingers. He has high Constitution and low Dexterity. He has a talent: he plays a musical instrument. He tends to bite his fingernails and is friendly in his dealings with others. Judd tends to spend just a little too much time at the Ploughshare some nights, and Vira (his wife) has to drag him away from “all his friends”….


Judd Greenbottle is not the smartest halfling, nor is he the quickest. But his father’s father taught him more than enough of the growing of a shrub. And that is what Judd has fallen in love with. Judd has supported his family through the years by being the “hedgemaster” of the rich and powerful, though his latest venture for the Grand Nabob ended rather abruptly and disastrously when he entered the Nabob’s mansion without approval — he merely sought to tell the Nabob or his staff of the blightworm affecting the protective shrubbery at the rear of the property.

Judd Greenbottle

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