Jenny Brawnanvil


Jenn Brawnanvil is a female dwarf, recognizable for her loud and friendly voice. She has high Intelligence and low Dexterity. She has a talent: she knows thieves’ cant. She tends to speak too loudly and is curious in her dealings with others.


Jenny and her husband Vigrim purchased the Ploughshare over 100 years ago as they retired from their mining and mercantile positions deep in the Dwarven cities of northern Faerun. Unfortunately Jenny was widowed 25 years ago after Vigrim was found dead in the bottom of an empty keg of beer. At first foul play was suspected, however later it was discovered that Vigrim had run afoul of his former gambling affliction and had come out on the wrong side of an ill advised bet that he could “finish tha kegger” in one drink. While Vigrim technically won the bet, he did not survive to collect.

Jenny Brawnanvil

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