Grand Vizier Meryl Garivaldin


A somewhat overdressed and foppish half-elf, the thin, almost sickly appearing Meryl constantly shifts and shuffles when talking, sniffing at a small bottle he carries on his belt. When he is not busy helittling others, he can be found in his study poring over either the latest accounts of the Nabob’s estate, or perhaps some lighter reading such as the latest dwarven romance from Melodia Perrywinkle.


Steadfastly loyal to the Grand Nabob, and ruthlessly cruel to the staff and servants at the Nabobs mansion, Meryl Garivaldin has gotten a name for secrecy and arrogance. Known as an incredibly intelligent man who lords this over others, Meryl’s constant and unending insults and quips have garnered him an image of an arrogant ass.

Grand Vizier Meryl Garivaldin

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