Bo'sun Vic Sepret


Bo’sun Vic Sepret is a male human, recognizable for his bald head. He has high Strength and low Charisma. He has a talent: he is great at one game. He tends to make constant jokes or puns and is suspicious in his dealings with others.


Bo’sun Vic Sepret joined the Admiral’s men after having sailed in the Merchant Marine for years. After joining the Admiral’s Men, he quickly united them into a rather intimidating street militia, constantly haranguing his peers against strong drink and any debauchery and always pusihing for them to enforce (if not always obey) the law.

Vic is protective of colleagues or compatriots. If you asked him, he would say that his Ideal is, “Community!” If he has a flaw, it is that he is arrogant.

Bo'sun Vic Sepret

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