Uraugh Hippletopple


Uraugh Hippletopple’s mother left when he was very young. His father was a clinical addict of adventure, and he spent so much time away in caves and dungeon that his mother left them both and went to start a new life. Raised by his father, Uraugh learned from a young age how to pick locks, sword fight, tie ropes, scale walls, and even play the crumhorn!

Uraugh tended the small farm outside Greenest while his father was away. But there was one adventure that finnian didn’t come back one time. No letter, no found body, he just disappeared. The farm was repossessed, and poor Uraugh found himself an orphan at the young age of 11. He packed his bags, grabbed his father’s rapier, and sought the employment as a sailor aboard the “Sea Nymph”—a quaint 114 ton, 2 mast brigantine. And boy did he have a knack for climbing rigging! His vessel was a privateer for will’s character’s family, so there was a bit of pirating on the side. But the captain (as well as most pirates) were surprisingly humane. The code of the seas said that surrender meant your life would be spared, and that all members had an agreed upon share of the treasure when any was uncovered. The officers were provided 1.5 shares, the captain 2, and everyone else 1. Equity, humanity, rights of the people, valor, and honor were the code that Uraugh lived by.

But politics being what they were, the royal family that they were flying under was caught up in a nasty coup that did not go well. Everyone in the royal family was executed, and Uraugh’s vessel branded traitors and pirates. They sailed for another few months before tragedy befell the crew and many of them were arrested while at port and the captain executed. Uraugh had gone into town to treat himself to some fancy pastries and a warm cup of mead when the arrest happened, so he was luckily not arrested and hanged.

Uraugh Hippletopple

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